The Lab

The Lab was founded in 2018, in order to contribute and support the academic, educational, research and social needs and activities related to Computational and Cognitive Musicology, Music Psychology and the Cognitive Sciences of Music at the Department of Music Studies.
At the same time, emphasis is placed on promoting musical activity in society through actions aimed at connecting the University with the wider community.

Aims and activities

The Laboratory aims at:

1. Supporting the teaching and research needs of the Department of Music Studies, as well as other Departments of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, on undergraduate and postgraduate level of in subjects that fall within the objects of activity of the Laboratory as defined here.

2. Collaboration with related Departments or researchers from other Universities and with all kinds of research centers and Greek and foreign academic institutions as long as their scientific objectives coincide and complement each other with those of the Laboratory.

3. Cooperation with state-recognized public and private bodies such as hospitals, non-governmental organizations, and mental health and counseling services.

4. Organizing lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and other scientific events, hosting international visiting scientists from Greece and abroad.

5. Support, documentation, production and promotion of original research that falls within the scientific object of the Laboratory.

6. Undertaking and implementing of basic and applied research programs by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and other ministries, the Research Committee of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the European Union, etc. either independently or in collaboration with academic institutions.

7. Τhe production of supportive material/resources for the promotion and support of educational, research and social activities in the field of Music Psychology, Scientific Sciences, as well as in Community Music.

8. Archiving the data produced by the social and research activity of the laboratory.

9. Creating the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the research, educational and social work of the laboratory – either independently or in collaboration with other Departments and laboratories and public or state-recognized private bodies.

10. Providing a field for the students’ practica in relevant areas.

11. Applied laboratory teaching of the related subjects of Music Psychology, Cognitive Sciences and Music in the Community, as provided by the Curriculum of the Department.

12. Scientific publications and journals with original studies of the same or related subjects in cooperation with institutions, bodies and companies in the field of publishing, either of the public or the private sector (inside or outside the University of Athens).

13. Organising and supporting cultural events (concerts, performances, recitals, exhibitions, etc.) with the aim of musical cultivation and the promotion of music education in all its forms.

14. Provision of services to natural or legal persons in accordance with the provisions in force.

15. Creation of a network of researchers in Music Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, with the aim of supporting and developing the field in Greece, and cooperation with similar international research networks.

16. Distance learning (online learning & blended learning) and lifelong learning on the cognitive objects of the laboratory.